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New Technology

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  1. We are the only company that offers scans on GE Voluson 8E HD LIVE using a 2012 technology, the Number 1 equipment Word Wide, in Mid and North California.
  2.  We are the first on the Pacific Coast that offers this experience in Real Time HD-3D and unparalleled clarity with 3D Glasses due to GE 2012 technology.
  3. We are the largest 3D 4D 5D provider with 3 Bay Area and  Eureka , CA locations.
  4. We are the only company that is NOT printing the pictures on Thermal or Home printer’s paper & Equipment as others. With thermal photos, your pictures will fade in time even being protected in scrapbook.
  5. We are encouraging responsible families and discourage the others, with all the risks (and we do not “ buy” Good Reviews on Social Media.)

About Us and Our Procedure

We are a dedicated, enthusiastic young group of Sonographers, many of us with solid medical background, willing to offer the best services and to present ..

What is 3D / 4D Ultrasound?

Like all ultrasound studies, the 3D / 4D uses high frequency sound waves to create images that can be viewed on a monitor screen. In the 3D / 4D scan you are able to see your baby in a 3D - more life like image, instead of the familiar flat, grainy 2D pictures. The 4th dimension is real time movement. You may be able to catch your baby smiling, yawning or sucking his/her thumb.

Is it Safe?

Prenatal ultrasound has been used widely over the last 35 years and no studies that we are aware of have shown ultrasound to cause any harm to the mother or baby. If you have ANY concerns about the safety of ultrasound we URGE you to speak to your healthcare professional before making your appointment. Your healthcare professional is ALWAYS your best source of information for any health concerns. You must be under the care of a healthcare professional and supply us with the name and contact information to use our service.

Who will be performing my scan?

An ultrasound technician or a registered nurse specially trained in the safe and efficient use of our equipment and in obtaining the best images possible of your baby.

When should I have my scan done?

You may have your ultrasound as early as 18 weeks if your main desire is to find out the gender of your baby, but remember that the baby is quite skeletal at this point. The best time to see details of the features is 28-32 weeks when the baby has more fat on his/her body but still has room to move around. Some parents choose to come early for gender determination and then come back when the baby has more fat. Keep in mind that there are MANY variables involved in getting clear images.

How will I pay for my 3D / 4D Ultrasound?

We accept major credit cards, debit cards and cash. Since this is not a diagnostic procedure, insurance companies will not pay for your scan. Consider our service like taking your baby to a photography studio and having portraits made.

How long will my appointment take?

You should plan on an hour for your appointment. The actual scanning time will be 20-30 minutes. We allow extra time in case your baby is uncooperative we will be able to have you do some things that we find helpful in these situations ie drinking juice or soda, eating chocolate, walking around etc.

I don't want to know the sex of my baby - can I still get a 3D/4D ultrasound?

Absolutely! We will focus on the upper body and face as we usually do. Most untrained people would not be able to identify the gender of a baby even if given the opportunity to see the genital area.

Thanks to our mentors!

For help and moral support:

  • Shery Sarna RDMS ultrasound tech
  • Dr. Bahram Aliasa MD
  • Dr. Guillermo Paredes MD
  • Dr. Ciobanu Adriana MD (my sister),

And Tina from, for her fantastic pictures ("the angel")

Marius Dragutoiu - sonographer and Medical Esthetic Specialist - with Dr. Richard Huber Phd, creator of the 302 Skin Care line.
San Mateo, March 2007


A better glimpse into the future
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