Old Technology

New Technology

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  1. We are the only company that offers scans on GE Voluson 8E HD LIVE using a 2012 technology, the Number 1 equipment Word Wide, in Mid and North California.
  2.  We are the first on the Pacific Coast that offers this experience in Real Time HD-3D and unparalleled clarity with 3D Glasses due to GE 2012 technology.
  3. We are the largest 3D 4D 5D provider with 3 Bay Area and  Eureka , CA locations.
  4. We are the only company that is NOT printing the pictures on Thermal or Home printer’s paper & Equipment as others. With thermal photos, your pictures will fade in time even being protected in scrapbook.
  5. We are encouraging responsible families and discourage the others, with all the risks (and we do not “ buy” Good Reviews on Social Media.)

Vital For Your Baby's Health